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New Dessert Spot Shawlaki Couldn't Get Here at a Better Time

Brought to you by the same people as Kiki's Beach, get ready to live your best sweet life this Ramadan.

Entirely devoted to all of our favourite sweets, Shawlaki will cater to your every little single desire that has to do with your sweet tooth. The joint venture between G’nK Group (yes, the people behind ByGanz Extraordinaire, Kiki’s Beach and Mazeej Hotels, etc) and Perfect Food group (of Ayadina and Blaze) offers a menu that includes everything you could dream of -- from bassboussa to dried fruits to ahwa and more...but in all their shapes and forms. Don't worry, however, this isn’t one of those too-sweet-to-eat dessert shops. 

“We found that a lot of the places that offer these sweets are usually too sweet, and we have the expertise to offer these desserts, just with less sugar,” said Marylise Michael, Senior Business Developer at G’nK Group, to SceneEats. 

“One of our pillars would definitely be sharing special moments with your loved ones, indulgence, trying new things,” commented Dana El Laboudy, Marketing Executive at G’nK Group.

Shawlaki is set to open a branch very soon in Rehab City’s The Yard and we can’t wait because God only knows we’re in dire need of healthy desserts otherwise summer 2021 is canceled. But for real tho, we’re happy to have Shawlaki just in time for Ramadan because what is the holy month without konafa???