Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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New Hipster Lebanese Restaurant Opens in Cairo This Month

Tamara's hipster cousin – Elna – is set to spice up the world of Lebanese cuisine in Cairo.

Staff Writer

New Lebanese restaurant in town? Shut the front door! We've spent countless days devouring delectable Lebanese cuisine – all of it, from mixed grills we've fought over with our friends to hummus and labneh we've had to order in bulk to snack on. So you can imagine our reactions when a little birdie told us that Elna – Tamara Bistro's hipster cousin, twice removed – is bursting onto the cuisine scene here in Cairo. We watch enough Portlandia to consider ourselves the most hipster crew to come out of Cairo, so obviously we'd love a Lebanese restaurant that isn't the same old prim-and-proper fancy experience we're forced to endure when our families want to go out for dinner and pretend they're functional. 

We're jealous of the AUC students who get to cross the street and be at Point 90 on November 16th for the opening, and then probably every day after class. Now, as the experts on all things hipster and socially awesome, we expect to be pampered with endless piles of hummus, falafel pie, labneh cream cheese balls, and quiche with spinach. When it comes to the Nutella manakeesh, though, we consider it our rightful duty to inform you that you will have to fight us to the death to get your hands on any of this delicious fusion of two of our favourite things. Nutella manakeesh? Who's the beautiful soul that comes up with this stuff? Have they been visiting our Pinterest page?You are what you eat, right? Does that mean we get to be stunning Lebanese superstars? No? Maybe? *Sigh*. Maybe the on-the-ground caricature artist at Elna can transform us into Haifaa Wehbe or Nicole Saba – that might be our only shot at Lebanese superstardom. That, or being discovered for our incredible talents as we jam to Hassan Ramzy and Bluezophrenia on opening night with our mouths full of tabbouleh.

We're just going to send this over to our Foodies4Lyfe WhatsApp group. #FromLebanonToElna – with love.

Call for reservations and more information 01208888496, or visit their Facebook page or Instagram.