Friday 9 of December, 2022
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This Awesome New Local Brand Lets You Buy Homemade Fresh Dog Food in Cairo

With dog food prices going through the roof, most dog owners will probably appreciate Dog Fresh Food's nutritious treats!

Staff Writer

Dog owners think of their little balls of fur as family, they want to give them the happiest and healthiest lives possible. However, living amidst a dollar crisis in a country that considers dog food a luxury product, dog food prices have gone through the roof, making Egyptian dog owners look for other - maybe even better - options to provide their little buddies with all the nutrition they need.

One man, however, was done looking. Ahmed Mamdouh, founder of Dog Fresh Food, decided to start making fresh nutrient home-made food for his dogs. Over time, he found that he's saving a big sum of money that would otherwise be spent on imported dry food, so he decided to launch his own home-made dog food business.

"I've always owned dogs, but recently their food has become intolerably expensive, so I began making it at home," Ragaa tells us as he explains how he ventured into the dog food business. "Seeing how much money it saved me, I thought it would be a great idea to sell homemade dog food for a reasonable price, and that's how it started."

But Ragaa's nutritious recipe comprising of chicken, rice, and vegetables didn't just turn out to be economical for him, but for every concerned do owner out there! "Each plate has 1 KG of Dog Fresh Food, and it costs 25 pound."   

If you've wondered if your dog is getting all the minerals and vitamins they need, or you simply find dog food prices absurd, find out more about Dog Fresh Food here.