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Nile Ritz Carlton Will Cool Down Your Summer With Two Mouthwatering Fruit Festivals

We're gearing up for the ultimate summertime refreshments throughout the month.

Egypt’s summers are blazing hot and it can be easy to lose your cool and your energy. If you’re stuck in Cairo like most of us, you may feel there is absolutely no way to escape this heat. Lucky for us, the Nile Ritz-Carlton is here to bring some much-needed refreshment.

Throughout the scorching month of July, the Nile Ritz-Carlton will be hosting two thirst-quenching festivals, which will kick off with a juicy Watermelon Festival. The fabulous hotel’s restaurants and bars will be taking the time to celebrate Egyptian summers' favorite fruit, highlighting everything we love about watermelon with unique sweet and savory watermelon dishes and themed recipes.You will find everything from icy watermelon shakes to watermelon and feta cheese salad, frozen watermelon nougat to house-made watermelon-cucumber sorbet. And if you’re planning to go for a dip, you can always opt for a watermelon slice by the pool or a rum-infused watermelon bite for the ultimate poolside cocktail.

But if watermelon isn’t your thing (as if that’s even possible), don’t despair. Nile Ritz-Carlton will also be hosting the Fête du Citron at Vivo, run by 2-Michelin star Italian Chef Carmine Di Luggo. Celebrating all things citrus, the Fête du Citron brings together vibrant colours, tropical scents, and refreshing flavours for the ultimate summer experience. Just picture yourself lounging in the sun will an icy cool grapefruit cocktail. Chef Carmine will be working his culinary magic on an assortment of carefully selected citrus fruits like lemons, limes, grapefruits and oranges. These refreshing fruits will be masterfully transformed into delicious Italian masterpieces by Chef Carmine himself, who will also be creating weekly specials throughout July.

And we can’t wait to get a healthy dose of summer refreshment.

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