Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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10 Non-Smoking Cafés and Restaurants in Cairo

Avoid the second hand smoke in these Cairo hang outs.

Staff Writer

If you’re the only one of your friends who doesn’t smoke then you probably know the struggle of finding somewhere to hang out where there’s no one puffing in your face as you try to eat your burger in peace. We’ve put together a list of non-smoking Cafés in Cairo to try and make your life easier.

Cake Café (Zamalek)

You don’t smoke but you're not about that healthy food life either; we get it. Cake is bae. If you want a great cup of coffee with a piece of their delicious apple cinnamon cake (or really, any other cake they serve because they're all just weirdly delicious) then this adorably cosy Cake Café in Zamalek should be your go to. 

Tel: 01023505014
Address: 14 Al Sheikh Al Marsafi St., Zamalek 

Café Greco (Maadi)

This premium coffee house needs no introduction. If you’re not from Maadi then you probably haven’t been blessed with the opportunity to taste their delicious Espresso Macchiato or Cappuccino yet - but you'll probably have already heard how good it is from every single Maadian you've ever met. But the coffee and the vintage feel aren’t the only reasons we love this place, we also love it for its free Wi-Fi and if you're a non smoker, you'll love it even more.

Tel: 0223809326, 01222419405, 01227930397
Address: 64 Road 9, Maadi

Fika Swedish Coffee Break (Sheikh Zayed) 

For colorful interior design and a hot cup of coffee on your way to work in Sheikh Zayed, Fika Swedish Coffee house is your number one for non-smokers. We recommend the Very Vanilla Latte for some caffeinated goodness to get you through the morning without committing homicide - paired with anything from their awesome breakfast menu.

Tel: 01006122331
AdThe Curve Mall, Sheikh Zayed

Shakespeare and Co. (Maadi- 6th of October - New Cairo - Nasr City)

Leave the 21st century behind and head into 16th century Shakespearean at any one of Shakespeare and Co’s four branches all over Cairo. Stepping into Shakespeare and Co is like stepping into a different time zone - except you still have your handy iPhone to immediately Instagram the quirky vintage interiors. Because if you step into the 16th century and you don't Instagram it, then did it really happen?

Check out their Facebook page for more information

Tabla Luna (Maadi - Zamalek)

Peruvian delights meet Argentinian goodness at this awesome non-smoking restaurant in Maadi that also recently opened up a new branch in Zamalek. Unique contemporary and classic Latin American cuisine that will take you to taste bud heaven is kind of Tabla Luna's thing. Check out their Chili Nachos and anyone of their Peruvian style steaks. We recommend their signature 'Torta De Tres Leches' for dessert.

Tel: 0225198403
Address: 41 Road 218, Degla

Zulu (Maadi)

This South African restaurant in Maadi is the perfect spot if you want to taste cuisine you probably never have before. Their chilled and laid back vibes are exactly what you’d expect from a South African restaurant and their menu is as awesome as the rest of it. There's even tiny adorable outdoor patio of sorts - complete with fairy lights - as an outdoor spot your smoking friends can grab a cigarette in if they're antsy while they wait for their meal. 

Tel: 01069146208, 0223598328
Adress: Building No 9, Street 100, Maadi

Cilantro (Zamalek)

You already know about Cilantro’s coffee, the only thing you need to know is that the Cilantro in Zamalek is a smoke free zone.

Tel: 0227361115
157, 26th of July Street

Sea Salt Bakery (Zamalek)

Cairo’s gluten-free, everything-good-for-you café takes the healthy lifestyle very seriously. That includes homemade vegan butter, organic fruits and vegetables and no smoking rules at their new bakery and café. Head down to Zamalek for a healthy breakfast with fresh baked goods and delicious cinnamon rolls that put Cinnabon's to shame.

Tel: 01093757305
Address: Mansour Mohamed St., Zamalek

Lucille's (Maadi)

Lucille’s burgers are old school and notorious and never disappoint, but it doesn’t stop there. There's also the pancakes that are the reason you can't button your pants the next day, and you and you kind of mind but not really because you know in your heart you'd do it all over again. Try any one of their signature burgers for smoke free face gorging fest.

Tel: 01092915000, 0223592778
54 Road 9, Sakanat Maadi

NOLA Cupcakes

That’s right! Everyone’s favorite cupcake shop is a strict no smoking zone. Eat your own weight in calories and be totally happy about it at their Zamalek, Mohandeseen, and Maadi branches. From the cupcakes that made them famous to the massive array of treats they now whip up, Nola is life.

Check out their Facebook page for more info

Little Ovio (Zamalek) 

It's said that the best pancakes in the world are in Canada but we think they're in in Zamalek's Little Ovio. For a smoke free breakfast that can give the Canadians a run for their money that's where you should be heading.

Tel: 19801, 19801
Address: 6 El Brazil Street