Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Omar El Demeshky Spins Traditional Syrian Booza in Talaat Harb

This Syrian ice-cream connoisseur is churning our sweetest fantasies into booza reality.

Layla Raik

On one of the bustling streets of downtown Cairo stands the dreamscape sight of a giant mortar and pestle that, at first sight, looks like something that would belong in rooms of a certain (scarlet) hue.

As a certain (hunky) artisan pounds and hammers some mystery ingredients and sugary aromas surround our rumbling stomachs, we begin to wonder if the strange landscape we just got weaved into is merely a reminiscent dream of our glory days. That is until, the pestle emerges from its recipient home covered in cream and it suddenly hits us: the ominous device is an ice-cream machine.

True to his heritage, Omar El Demeshky churns fresh Syrian booza the traditional way, serving it to munching passers-by in grabbable cones sprinkled in pistachio, making it a treat even sweeter than our daydreams.