Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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One Oak’s Blackstone: Dine Like a Caveman

One Oak just made dining out easier on your carnivorous persnickety self!

Staff Writer

You know how that grilled cheese sandwich you ordered at the café/restaurant around the corner could have used some relish? Or how that military style leather jacket you got from Milan last summer – not that we can afford such luxuries, but we're assuming you can – would have looked great if it had gold buttons? Simple, often inexpensive, things that make a world of difference and soothe your fastidious self - is that really too much to ask?

You know how when you order a steak and ask for it a specific way but it never quite comes out the way you want? Why's it always either rare, medium, well-done, or just plain burnt? Where's the middle ground? Why can't we have medium-well-medium steak? Why not?

One Oak gets it; they give you your steak with a Blackstone, like a caveman, so you can cook your steak yourself and subsequently beat yourself up later for not getting it as medium-well-medium as you'd like it. They give you a One Of-A-Kind experience - get it, One Oak? No, seriously, that's how they got their name. Anyway, you would think this whole process defeats the purpose of dining out, but just because you stepped out for a steak doesn’t mean you want to spend your night engaging in a lengthy conversation with your waiter trying to communicate your innermost carnivorous desires, then sending your order back only to have it return in an even less desirable state.


Cook your own steak at ONE OAK!!

No more sending back your steak for being under or over cooked. You're the Chef here at ONE OAK! Now you can enjoy the experience of cooking your own steak and the concept of controlling the temperature, color and texture of your chosen cut to be cooked perfectly however you’d like it .. Meat our black stone item ;) !!

Posted by ONE OAK - Steak & Sushi Bar on Monday, January 4, 2016


You can’t always get what you want, and you probably won't, but you can cook your own steak - and have no one else to blame but yourself for the outcome!

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