Saturday May 25th, 2024
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One Tiny Table is Adding a Tiny Bit of Flair to Your Dessert Menus

You might need to pull out the fancy tea plates for this one.

Layla Raik

One Tiny Table is Adding a Tiny Bit of Flair to Your Dessert Menus

If we really are what we eat, it’s no surprise that many of us have a dishevelled concept of our own identities. To save us from the burden of both not knowing who we are and not knowing what we eat, One Tiny Table is the one-woman show baking artisanal desserts entirely from scratch.

Mixing in sugar, spice and everything nice (literally - exclusively the best ingredients), One Tiny Table draws on inspiration from their surroundings to delicately bedeck their concoctions. From chocolate swirls on tiramisu cakes to floral pistachio trés leches and fruit-studded pavlovas, the bakery’s final touches elevate simple desserts into whimsical creations. 

Besides a commitment to premium ingredients, One Tiny Table promises a unique twist on their desserts, an oath that sets them apart from anyone else on the market. Fancy the newly viral baklava cheesecake? One Tiny Table flavours its base with rose water and smooth tonka for extra ethereality.

One Tiny Table’s desserts – and kahk! - are available for ordering through Instagram DMs.