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Oodles of Noodles and Homemade Steamed Dumplings with Madam Wang

Sis is serving up all the traditional goodies and we’re eternally grateful.

Madam Wang is throwing it down in the kitchen with her handmade Chinese and Korean eats. If you’re on the hunt for authentic Asian cuisine in Cairo, Madam Wang honestly won’t disappoint. From her succulent dumplings to her spicy noodle dishes, sis is serving up all the traditional goodies and we’re eternally grateful.

“I was tired of the slew of ‘Asian’ restaurants in Egypt serving up poorly-executed dishes drowned in sickly sweet sauces that have no relation whatsoever to anything in the entire continent of Asia,” Madam Wang of, well, Madam Wang tells us. “So I decided to do something about it in the form of a food delivery business.”

Perhaps the most iconic item she has on the menu is the Jiaozi or steamed dumplings. These babies are perfectly crimped, stuffed with the most succulent meats and spices and steamed to perfection. Jiaozi are one of the staples of the Chinese New Year. They’re eaten year-round in the Chinese Northern Provinces.

Dive deep into Madam Wang’s world of noodles. Not only does she make them herself, she also sells authentic Chinese and Korean products you would find at your typical Asian market. Don’t let that distract you from the real star though—her Reganmian or hot dry noodles, a Chinese breakfast staple.

It’s refreshing to see someone making real authentic Chinese and Korean food that stays true to its roots and uses authentic, wholesome ingredients. We all need some Mama Wang in our lives tbh!