Saturday July 20th, 2024
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Oriental Indulgence at Upper Deck

The Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza never fails to deliver, and this Ramadan at their stunning Upper Deck is no exception. We chow down...

Staff Writer

Oriental Indulgence at Upper Deck

One of the perks of our job is good food – or well, food in general. We get invited out to endless restaurant openings and dinners, our office is often flooded with goodies – we just get fed a lot, which is freaking lovely. But one of our very favourite sports to be invited to is The Four Seasons at Nile Plaza’s Upper Deck because their food is, obviously, exceptional. And those awesome guys kindly invite us over sometimes which makes us feel very sophisticated and upper crust and whatnot. So we headed over there the first week of Ramadan (yes, the first week is usually dedicated to family but y’know, the Four Seasons IS family), stomachs rumbling as they always are before Iftar, ready for a feast. And a feast was delivered.

The glass-encased place, usually the epitome of modern chic, had been decorated with all the trappings of an oriental wonderland, all golden chains hanging from the lights and pretty lanterns adorning the tables. But whatever, it’s all about the food. After the mandatory soup - we don’t know why we still drink soup in 40 degree heat but who are we to question their delicious lentil soup? – we got started on the rest of our meal. We kicked things off with a myriad of mezzehs; tabboulah, fattoush, perfectly crisped sambousek, and of course, the ever basic but always beloved bread basket that pairs so perfectly with tehina and baba ghanoug.  

Following that, little pots of bamya and moussaka were laid out for us, prompting us to dig in with absolutely no manners (we were hungry, OKAY) into the cute little clay bowls. Though Upper Deck, during the rest of the year, serves up fusion cuisine like cute little burgers sliders and sushi, for Ramadan they’ve altered their menu and went a more traditional route. Which is cool by us because if there was ever a time for rich oriental cuisine, this would be it. Everyone was rather taken by the exceptionally epic moussaka, that perfectly layered blend of aubergines, minced meat and…whatever else goes into the dish. We never claimed to be chefs. Or to even have a rudimentary grasp of cooking. Bamia with rice is an Egyptian classic, but then there was meat.

Carnivorous creatures that we are, our eyes lit up when the golden platter arrived, laden with meat, kofta, chicken, all grilled to perfection with steam rising from them gloriously. AHHH la7ma. The meal was complete with some plates of fish and ribs. Now, fish is usually not served at Iftar, we’re not entirely sure why, but it was a welcome change and it’s light enough that you don’t feel weighed down. However, on the other side of the spectrum, there were ribs, the ultimate carnivorous indulgence, all juicy and delicious, which were devoured within minutes.  

Finally, after some hardcore Iftar indulgence, we were ready for dessert. Or a nap, either or. But food comes first. Upper Deck served up some typical Ramadan treats; little squares of basbousa, and bite-sized baklawa; and a refreshing plate of Technicolor fruits. So…when are you having us back Upper Deck?

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