Wednesday March 29th, 2023
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Oven Heaven Will Give You Your Ramadan Sugary Fix and Then Some

Warning: article may cause excessive drooling on your screen.

Staff Writer

We as a species would not be where we are if we didn’t adapt to environmental conditions in order to survive and say, “Hey, these thumbs are alright, I’ll use them,” and look where our thumbs have taken us now. We don’t know where we were going with this, but we know that the wonderful people over at the New Cairo-based bakery Oven Heaven have been using their thumbs to provide a couple of Ramadan-adapted, scrumptious-looking baked goods.

Examples? Okay, examples you shall have, brave ones.

The Meshmesheya Chocolate Tart, made of apricot paste between two heavenly chocolate layers, designed to have you say “meshmesh” after each bite, in a half-unbelieving, half-determined disposition.

Or the Khoshaf Tart. The caramel-filled tart full of dates, dried apricot, prunes, and walnuts. Their Facebook page says that the tart should be on the top of your dessert list and it definitely is on ours, on account of us writing “Khoshaf Tart” over and over again on our walls. But it's not all about the Ramadan-themed goodies over at Oven Heaven. Feast your eyes on these innovative sugary concoctions. 

Some of the amazing, mouth-watering products including chocolate-chip-cookie-stuffed Oreos, s’mores cookies, peanut butter chocolate cookies, marshmallow chocolate cookies and, we can only hope, mega cookies, which is what happens when all the different cookies combine to form one super-cookie, a la Transformers.

Did we mention the tiramisu brownies and red velvet cheesecake bars? We did, but you probably just weren’t paying attention.

And in case the trip to New Cairo is a little much for you: yes, they deliver. Rejoice.