Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Panpan: Say Konnichiwa to Egypt's First Japanese Bakery

This is not a drill. Egypt now has a Japanese bakery in Sheikh Zayed.

Kurt Galalah

It's not everyday that you stumble upon a Japanese Bakery in the heart of West Cairo. You get French bakeries, Italian ones, sometimes even Pakistani ones, but not an actual Japanese bakery. That is why we smiled from ear to ear when we stumbled upon Sheikh Zayed's newest food truck.

Enter Panpan, Egypt's first conceptual urban Japanese bakery that serves nothing but, you guessed it, panpans. If you don't know what they are, buckle up. Panpans are baked balls of goodies that resemble Jigglypuff in the sense that they're cute and fluffy AF. Think of them as the more mature cousin of gyozas, except they inherited all the adorbz genes from their fam bam. 

The menu is simple yet effective. You choose whether you want a savoury pan (we'll just call them that for now) which comes with spicy cheddar, pizza, ponzu beef and hotdog. If you opt for sweet, you can get them with halawa, apricot jam, Nutella, and of course, Lotus.

Panpan is currently located in Sodic West and it has just opened its doors, like, a minute ago. Do yourself a favour and be adventurous.