Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Pasqua Relaunches as a Yummier, Faster, Stronger, and Better Hangout with Miette Bakery

Popular Cairo eatery Pasqua is tapping into what Egyptians are craving, re-launching their new vision as a healthy and shisha-free Al Gezira Plaza escape in Sheikh Zayed.

Staff Writer

Every passing year, it seems that more Egyptians are starting to adopt healthier lifestyles. While, at the same time, almost every Egyptian has their own favourite spot to call their home away from home. Looking to provide a friendly neighbourhood healthy escape is Pasqua, tapping into the recent health craze with a completely new menu of delicious and nutritious dishes, and losing the shisha. Relaunching their new vision in the Al Gezira Plaza on Saturday, we decided to head over for their opening to check out Sheikh Zayed latest hot spot.

Open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, Pasqua have developed quite the following in a relatively short period with branches in Downtown Cairo, City Centre Maadi, and, now, Al Gezira Plaza in Sheikh Zayed. However, with Egyptians ditching the shisha pipes and adopting a healthier lifestyle, Pasqua has decided to change with the times and provide Egyptians with what they want. Arriving at the open-air and jam-packed relaunch, we were quickly greeted by their exceptional waiting staff who instantly made us feel welcome in the comfortable atmosphere with their friendly service. The atmosphere was inviting and the waft of fresh baked goods emanating from their Miette bakery, left our mouths watering and our senses delighted. Providing a wide selection of fresh baked goods, Miette bakery not only adds to Pasqua's unique atmosphere but also provides the golden buttery baking treats that have become our favourite staples in our diet.

Boasting a menu filled with a variety of refreshingly nutritious smoothies made with whole fruit and coupled with an eclectic mix of delectable dishes, made from scratch using high-quality ingredients, it was easy to see why the establishment was packed.

As the night wore on, familiar faces began flooding their relaunch including Egyptian Radio and Television superstar Hend Reda, who was on hand to support her friend, and owner of Pasqua, Yassine Naga.

Hend Reda and Yassine Naga at the relaunch of Pasqua

The opening was a lot of fun, with memorable tastes flying out of the kitchen and into our bellies, and leaving smiles on just about everybody’s face. With a wide range of healthy menu options offered at affordable prices, Pasqua successfully managed to win us over, providing a new and cool hangout in Sheikh Zayed that is perfect to watch a game in, escape home, or simply catch up with the friends that matter.

For more information, check out Pasqua on Facebook or Instagram @PasquaCafe.

Shoot by #MO4Network's #MO4Production
Photographery by Eslam Siso

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