Sunday June 23rd, 2024
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Pistachio, Creams, Croissants, and Cookie Cereal-- Smack’d Has Arrived

Launched just a little less than a month ago, this trendy spot is probably all over your feed already.

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Pistachio, Creams, Croissants, and Cookie Cereal-- Smack’d Has Arrived

If you’ve been on Instagram anytime over the past couple of weeks, you’ve probably seen Smack’d’s picturesque neon signs and perfect little confections all over your feed. You’re also probably already making plans to check out the spot to see what the hype is all about-- consider this your sign to follow through with those plans.

Smack’d is the new kid on the block making some noise with pristine scrumptious desserts, while also being simultaneously overwhelmingly cool. Cool-girl founder, Sarah Al Fata, is the 27-year-old behind New Cairo’s newest coolest dessert and coffee shop. With a degree in International Politics from City University in London, Sarah isn’t the stereotype you’d have in mind to found a pastry shop, but her love for baking and baked goods stemmed from somewhere much more wholesome than a degree. 

“Growing up, my sister was always baking. I think that’s where my interest really started,” said Al Fata to SceneEats, “after she moved out, I thought ‘okay, no, I need that back’ so I turned my love and passion for pastries into Smack’d”. 

Their slogan, “Lip smacking goodies” is probably the best possible way to describe the project. If you’ve visited the shop or simply skimmed through their socials, you’ve probably seen how insane their pastries look. Sarah let us know that, as far as best sellers are concerned, their Nutella donut hole (a heavenly little mini donut rolled around in sugar, and stuffed with creamy Nutella) is the way to go. If that hasn’t enticed you enough, Smack’d makes cruffins, which is a muffin and croissant lovechild stuffed with luscious cream filling. If we tried to name all the perfectly constructed yet oozy gooey desserts, we would be here for hours, but we can’t even resist telling you about things like their brioche donuts and cookie or croissant cereal with any choice of their homemade pistachio, strawberry, vanilla, or caramel milk. We’re dizzy just thinking about it. 

Smack’d’s store is currently up and running in New Cairo’s Lakehouse and consider us beating you there to flex on Instagram.