Monday December 11th, 2023
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Popular Lebanese Street Food Chain Barbar Opens in Egypt

First founded as a manouche bakery in 1979, Lebanon’s definitive street food chain is landing in New Cairo.

Fadila Khalid

It has been rocking Beirut since 1979, and now the popular Lebanese street food chain Barbar is opening in New Cairo!

Established as a humble manouche bakery in front Beirut’s Piccadilly Theatre, the cultural hotspot and its associated foot traffic shed some of their prestige onto Barbar’s first chain, especially when a whole host of celebrities including the hottest singers and actors of the 70s and 80s ended up as regulars there.

Over the next four decades, through the Lebanese Civil War up to contemporary times, Barbar grew to be much more than a manouche bakery; it has become the definitive symbol of Lebanese street food. W

hile the original Barbar menu includes over 700 items, it’s coming to Egypt with just about 160 menu items. Those items will include classics like their shawarma, falafel, mixed grill, signature sandwiches, and a selection of cocktails.

Barbar’s New Cairo branch will be found at the Fifth Settlement across from 5A by the Waterway, right next to The Drive.