Monday June 24th, 2024
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4 Ramadan Recipes You Can Use Way After the Season's Over

Cadbury Egypt and Instagram foodie CleoButtera are teaming up to give us easy-to-make Ramadan inspired desserts that'll satisfy our sugar cravings all year round.

Staff Writer

4 Ramadan Recipes You Can Use Way After the Season's Over

As Ramadan comes to an end, we're forced to longingly bid our favorite desserts a warm farewell. Having gotten used to having the sweet Ramadan delights in our lives, it's always a tough adjustment going back to our bland, konafa-free lives. That doesn't have to be the case this year though. Cadbury Egypt is here to remove all of our sugar free sorrows and give us a few easy-to-make recipes that can be made all year round. The chocolate mogul has teamed up with famed Instagram foodie, Cleobuttera, for Cadbury's latest campaign, Ramadan Recipes. The two have created 4 ramadan desserts with a twist and the best part is that they're suitable for all occasions. We’re getting butterflies just looking at them. 

Smores Konafa

Yup, you heard right, the foodie geniuses are bringing together our two favorite things in the whole world and creating the Smores Konafa. We didn't think it was possible to find anything more satisfying than Smores. period. But there you go. Marshmallows which are actually derived from a North African flower were once used to heal wounds, sore throats and sooth coughs. We're satisfied with just using them to sooth our sweet tooth. In Ancient Egypt, the fluffy treats were done differently and reserved for the gods and the royals. Honestly, who needs formet el sa7el when you're eating like a god?

Baklava Asawar

Baklava Asawers are for those days when you're craving something sweet but don’t have time to bake anything. The delicious treats that are very simple to prepare are being brought to us with a twist, thanks to Cabdury and Cleobuttera. The chocolate pros have doused these little babies with a whole lot of melted chocolate in their most recent recipe. While baklava is already awesome on its own, the added ingredient gives it so much more of a kick. Okay seriously, goodbye now summer body because this dessert is definitely worth the calories. Some of Egypt’s most well known foodies seem to be on the same page and they took to social media to showcase the yummy desserts courtesy of Cadbury and Cleobuttera.

Konafa cookies

Know how it’s always a hassle to make time for breakfast, what with work starting too early and all? The solution to that daily dilemma comes in the form of a little round piece of heaven named Konafa cookies. Just cook em up the night before and grab a few with your coffee on the way out. Who doesn’t love dessert/breakfast on the go? You'll thank us when you're stuck in traffic for hours and can't find anything to munch on. 

Halawa Truffles

The best part about truffles is that they’re the type of dessert that can be served up for any occasion. And with such an easy recipe, we deem everyday an occasion for Halawa truffles. They're also a good option for date night as they’re not too messy and unlike the heavier alternatives won’t leave you bloated. Besides, all things bite-size are just fun to eat in general. These are stuffed with chocolate and halawa tahineya

Honestly, at this point we're excited to see what Cadbury comes up with next. 

Check out their Instagram and Facebook for more to come. 

Check out Cleobuttera here.