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'Red Sea' Makes Seafood Eats Unlike Anything We’ve Seen

Seafood bechamel? Colour us very excited.

A traditional Egyptian ‘aklet samak’ usually entails fish grilled to a crisp with a side of heaping browned rice and bowls of tahini— it’s a classic you can never go wrong with. On the flip side, American takes on seafood uses heaps of cajun seasoning to create seafood boils served with corn and potatoes. One seafood eatery, Red Sea Restaurant, is serving up dishes with an entirely different approach.

One of their dishes, for example, resembles something of a seafood Crunchwrap supreme (Taco Bell not included). Another dish, called the Honey Pumpkin, includes crab, shrimp, caviar, and jeweled rice cooked inside a whole pumpkin. Not to mention their stuffed calamari, shrimp burger, and béchamel lobster which are equally salivating.

A collection of seafood dishes from Red Sea

The restaurant is located in New Cairo, inside Arena Mall. Visitors have given it a 4.9 star rating on Google Reviews since its opening, with a few calling it the best seafood restaurant in Cairo. They also offer delivery to New Cairo residents, you can call them up on 0222471888.