Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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Restaurants Opening at the Grand Egyptian Museum

From cult classic community favourites Zooba and 30 NORTH to the miniature delights Dolato has on offer, these are the Restaurants opening at GEM.

Farida El Shafie

What winter truly demands is a night dedicated to thoroughly untangling winter blanket reserves and a series of heart-felt museum dates. Whilst the first is a tedious endeavour of sorts, the latter is made marginally more feasible when one of the world’s most highly-anticipated museum openings is within arms reach. That said, Zooba, Dolato, 30 NORTH, Beano’s, Laduree, Bitter Sweet, Starbucks and Ratio’s Bakery are all opening at the Grand Egyptian Museum!

Whilst nothing can quite match wits with the influx of emotions that follow spirited explorations of Egypt’s rich culture and the Grand Egyptian Musuem’s inimitable showcase of history and legacy, a sprinkling of 30 NORTH’s freshly brewed coffee can nonetheless elevate these endeavours. As you peruse heritage-rich hallways and immerse yourself in centuries’ worth of knowledge, you’re more than invited to indulge in Dolato’s bubblegum-flavoured ice cream, Ratio’s freshly-baked brownies and mouthfuls of Zooba’s signature shawarma before you delve deeper into Egypt’s once-forgotten mysteries.


The coveted home-grown brewers are now mere seconds away from Ramses II…care to share a brownie bite with the statue? Anyone?


Egypt’s best restaurant - and 9th in the MENA region -according to the MENA’s 50 Best Restaurants Awardsis satiating koshary-affiliated and shawarma-related hunger pangs at the Grand Egyptian Museum.


Blended? Cubes? Soy milk? These are a few of the questions that will inevitably infiltrate your thoughts throughout your quaint trips across the museum.


Perhaps a caffeine-induced frenzy is what one needs as they re-acquaint themselves with centuries of heritage, legacy and uhm…whipped cream.


The ice creamery is now serving its dollop-sized icicles and creamy concoctions beneath the light-filled walkways of Giza’s Grand Egyptian Museum.


Perhaps high-tea and caramel-dipped eclairs are what one needs subsequent a spirited deep-dive into the encrypted worlds of centuries past.


For those planning on spending the whole day (bed and breakfast style) engrossed in Egyptology, then this-restaurant-turned-cult classic is the perfect go-to during your Grand Egyptian Museum explorations.

Ratios Bakery

Because mouthfuls of quiche and blueberry crumble are in fact the only known remedy to sore muscles (please do not try this at home) Ratios Bakery is setting up shop at the Grand Egyptian Museum.