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Rooftop Sax and Sushi Nights at the Nile Ritz-Carlton

Be serenaded by smooth jazz and dine on the finest sushi every Wednesday on the rooftop venue Nox.


Lounge about over the city that never sleeps during Nile Ritz-Carlton's Sax and Sushi Nights, exclusively at their rooftop venue, Nox. Every Wednesday evening, Chef De Cuisine Marcelo Urresti and his team will pamper you with the finest selection of sushi creations, while you are serenaded by live sax music that will come to define the mood with their smooth jazz tunes.

The night will start with miso soup and edamame, before you are offered an unlimited platter of sushi that is perfect for groups of two, four or eight guests. And "unlimited" may be putting it lightly. There's something for every type of sushi connoisseur, from vegetarian sushi to crispy sushi that have been prepped to perfection.

Guests can look forward to a perfect evening on Nox, the urban destination that is situated over the rest of Cairo. While they're dining on the sushi of their choice, they can gaze out through the glass walls and marvel at the sight of night-time Cairo, where the lights of the city can feel like sparkling stars. With panoramic views and the finest of dining experiences, Sax and Sushi Nights at the Nile Ritz-Carlton's Nox is an inviting night out that you don't want to miss.