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Rose Ville: Fabulous French Cuisine at Galleria 40

We headed over to Galleria40's latest addition, Rose Ville for some fine dining, and from the moment we walked into the French eatery, we knew it would be something special...

15 years ago Ahmed Abbas dreamt of starting up a fine dining experience. After years of brewing that dream, and experimenting with cooking and French cuisine, he brings Rose Ville to the world with its first branch at Galleria 40.

A crisp autumn breeze engulfed us as we walked to the cosy open air restaurant, surrounded by plants, trees, flowers, warm dim lights and candles. A waiter took us through the arch and we simply had to look all around us before being seated because the spot epitomised bohemian wonder. The shabby chic setup is original and delightful, with no chair looking like the other, and with table mats hand made out of lace by Abbas himself along with his creative wife. In fact Abbas and his wife designed the place all on their own with friendly advice from a friend who is a Feng Shui expert, and all the furniture is made by his family carpenter. Candles in jars hanging from trees light up the place, while candles on the tables reflect light off of the shiny cutlery, and the warm purring sound of Shisha wraps up the sensuality of the place.

The waiter brought a jug of water to our table filled with limes and mint leaves that add a very refreshing and non intrusive flavour to the water, cooling us down along with the breeze and the calming Jazz and Blues music.

We asked for some juice to sip on while ordering, and were asked if we’d like them to pick for us. Being adventurous, we went for it. The green concoction that came in a jar looked interesting, but nothing could have prepared us for the explosion of fireworks that happened to our taste buds at the first sip. It was shockingly delicious. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL OUR LIVES YOU AMAZING JUICE YOU?! We had to ask what was in it, and that was the second shock; parsley. The drink was made mainly of parsley and a mix of fruits that they refused to divulge. The juice is 100% fresh and sweet without any added sugar, honey, artificial sweeteners or syrups.

Excited about the food now, we ordered two appetizers to share, the Eggplant Bake, and the Caprese Tower, not expecting the huge portions that made their way to our table, along with warm fresh bread, and butter infused with herbs and onions. Slathered in pesto sauce, the Caprese Tower was as beautiful as it was delicious. It was the Eggplant Bake, however that stole our hearts, with deliciously baked eggplants slathered in rich uncompromised cream and cheese. It was simply heart warming. Their bestsellers also include Mushroom Gorgonzola and Spicy Mussels. We’ll have to keep those for next time, although it will be hard not to order the Eggplant Bake again.

Shortly afterwards, our main courses arrived. We had Salmon Pasta and Beef Paupiette. The creamy pasta had a rich salmon flavour that is hard to find, and the Beef Paupiette was tender and delicious with its grade A meat, rolled around vegetables and cooked to perfection then slathered with gravy. Rose Ville’s chef is like Abbas himself; passionate about food, and so the dish doesn’t just come with rice as it would anywhere else, it comes with rice fried with spinach and mushrooms, so that no gravy goes to waste, if you know what we mean.

We’ve heard stories about their Salmon and Caviar Pizza, their Medium Rare Veal Liver, the Lemongrass Beef Fillet and the Italian Sausages. But since y'know, we're not an army, we couldn't devour every single one of these dishes like we dearly wished we could. But no worries. This just means we’ll have to keep going back for more!

The dessert menu is extensive and incredibly appealing. We heard they make their own blueberry sauce out of fresh blueberries for their cheesecake. Sadly, we did not try the dessert because we had a plan all along for the way we were going to end our evening, and that is by ordering another jar of the Parsley Hint juice that seduced us through and through. One day, after we’ve had our fill of the Parsley Hint, maybe after 176 jars, we will try out the Arugula Strawberry, and fresh Green Apple soda. For now, we will live for their signature Parsley Hint.

For more information you can check out Galleria40's Facebook page here.