Monday May 20th, 2024
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Roy’s Smokehouse & Torii Serve Weekday Specials at Cairo Marriott

Keep your Saturdays smokey and your Wednesdays whimsical with Roy’s Smokehouse and Torii’s new specials at Cairo Marriott.

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Roy’s Smokehouse & Torii Serve Weekday Specials at Cairo Marriott

Planning your week in the search of something new, fabulous, and absolutely delicious? Look no further; the Cairo Marriott is taking the anxiety-riddled pen out of your hands and writing magic and opulence into your Saturdays and Wednesdays with exceptional buffets and specials.

Smoky Saturdays see a sumptuous open buffet display of the hotel’s constantly craved smokehouse, Roy’s. To celebrate the end of the weekend and the start of a new week, the eatery serves steaming soups, heaping salads (that introduce a gallery of seasonings and sauces), and leading mains covering everything from the classic Texas-smoked brisket to more grazable smokehouse nachos. The smoky aroma is then kept in place by delectable dessert options, like the smoked cheesecake, lemon pie, pecan mocha cakes and more.

Meanwhile, midweek-treat-Wednesdays introduce you to the crème du la crème of Japanese cuisine at coveted Torii. The Asian-authentic eatery takes you on a fusion-infused trip with their own open buffet, immersing you in seasoned chicken tom yum soup, sweet and sour chicken wings and vegetable spring rolls before you embark on a journey of mains. Torii then bridges the gap between raw and smoked with an elusive array of masterfully engineered sushi rolls, and your choice of teppanyaki treats (be it shrimp, beef, veal, salmon or sea bass), a treat that can only be topped by a hefty cheesecake and fresh fruits.

To reserve a night of opulence and glamour upon the Marriott, call 0227283000 or 202 27394631.