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Ruffles House: Dessert Daydreams

Cheesecake in jars comes courtesy of a new 6th October bakery we just can't get enough of.

The other day, a 10-year old started raving to us about a dessert shop in 6th of October called Ruffles House. Now we are not big fans of neither 10-year olds (they don’t even drink wine yet, what do they know of the world?) nor 6th October (it’s just SO FAR). But hey, kids these days know shit so we decided to try it out and we’re so glad we did because we basically discovered what heaven tastes like when bottled and wedged into a cute little jar. It taste awesome, in case you’re wondering.

The dessert wonderland is part cupcake shop and part teaching spot. Giving certified course in how to become the next Betty Crocker basically, they teach you not only how to bake like a brilliant 60s housewife, but also how to decorate your dessert creations to make domestic goddess/jailbird Martha Stewart proud.

They have everything from Instagram-worthy cupcakes to cookies, both basic and in the form of things like Minions (Minions!) to custom-made cakes to cheesecake in a jar (in a jar!). Sorry, we can hardly contain our excitement because while many, many stores open up in Cairo, and make a name for themselves then deem themselves fit to charge you 50 pounds for a feeble cupcake, their desserts are genuinely, genuinely sub-par and taste like cheap sugary crap and we can’t possibly understand how they are still open and charging extortionate prices for some flour and sugar. Ruffles House, however, has some of the most kickass everything, but specifically cheesecake. It's one of the best we’ve tried in Egypt, and it doesn’t hurt that it comes in either a tiny cute jar (a one person serving) or a giant one (also one person serving, in our case), which looks totally adorbs.

If you want to learn to be a little baking whiz, they offer course in making and decorating cupcakes, and the same for cookies, for both kids and adults. Not only is it a great way to keep your kids entertained, but they also learn something that will benefit the whole family! And honestly, we fully intend to ship our children, nephews, nieces, off to these courses so the little brats can be useful and make desserts for us. Just kidding, we’ll love them even if they’re not useful… Maybe.

Plus, for adults, they teach some fancypants cake decorating with something called the Wilton Method. We have no idea what the Wilton Method is but it seems to be a big deal. It has something to do with really elaborate roses-made-out-of-buttercream dessert decoration…

Anyway, whether you feel like satisfying your sweet tooth by grabbing some of their deliciousness to go, or you want to actually learn to create it yourself, we suggest you go to this place.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @ruffleshouse