Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Sahel Just Got its Very Own Food Delivery Service

Brand new food delivery service Mandoubi will deliver whatever your heart (stomach) desires right to your beach mat.

Staff Writer

If there’s one thing everybody is doing this summer, it’s going to Sahel. It’s the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of Cairo, with the perfect combination of beach, parties, and relaxation. But if there’s one thing that Sahel lacks, it’s food delivery, and we all know how important that is.

And so, food delivery in Sahel presents a huge range of business opportunities waiting to be explored and many great meals left uneaten.

Entrepreneur Aly Dabbous saw the opportunity and saw the potential of a food delivery service in Sahel and decided to turn it into a business, launching Mandoubi, Egypt’s first on-demand food delivery service.

Speaking to Cairo Scene, Dabbous explains the idea behind his service and how it works. “We cater to three different segments: the customer, the restaurant, and the driver. Using our technology, users can order food online from the restaurants they love the most and get it delivered in minutes by a driver who's signed up to the platform as an independent contractor. It’s useful for all three customer segments as it is convenient for users who order food (they get to order food online and their food is delivered within minutes), restaurant get their food delivered in a much more cost-effective & faster way, and most importantly drivers are given the opportunity to earn much more; more than they ever earned before.”

Aside from the novelty of food delivery in Sahel, the service itself is implemented in an unconventional way; instead of a typical mobile application, Mandoubi has applied the latest tech trend, allowing their users to place their orders through a Chatbot. “Users will be able to order the food they want from the restaurant they love via an automated chat application on Facebook Messenger. A Chatbot is basically an automated chat application that can do a specific task for someone. In our case the Chatbot we have can order food and get it delivered to customers. Our chat application can be found on Facebook Messenger, so there's no need to download an extra app and take up unnecessary storage from your phone”, explains Dabbous.

The service is currently only available in Sahel. “We are covering six zones in Sahel: LakeYard, Diplo, Stella, Amwaj, Hacienda, and Telal." Mandoubi currently has a fleet of 6 motorcycle drivers and two cars in Sahel, with one motorcycle operating in each of the 6 zone, while the cars are used for long distances.

So next time you’re in Sahel (this weekend) and craving some takeout, forget about having to get off your beach towel and onto the highway.

For more information and orders, head to Mandoubi's Facebook page.