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Sahel's DirtyByrd Has Finally Opened in Cairo

This humble little chicken stand spreads fried peace with chicken grease!

Why did the ‘Dirty Byrd’ cross the road? To give everyone in Cairo a taste of real fried chicken. Sahel’s favourite upscale fast food restaurant, not only crossed the road but guess what, it just travelled down from the Mediterranean to the close lands of New Giza.

Last summer, stopping by Hacienda for DirtyByrd was practically a rite of passage. I mean, let’s be real - if you haven’t made face love to their honey mayo fried chicken sandwich, with sauce smeared all over your chin, dripping on your bikini or nibbled on 30 something wings in the car after sunset with all the windows rolled down, have you really lived?

We’re talking about golden deep fried chicken, brined in buttermilk marinade and tucked into a fluffy bun with special sauce – sinful? Yes. DirtyByrd keeps it simple with just four fried chicken sandwiches – Burning Buffalo, Ranch OG, Honey mayo and Dirty Blend - AKA the Main Chicks. They also have their sexy Side Chicks: Cajun cheese fries, and onions rings. 

“Our menu is pretty small because we wanted to focus on fried chicken. We didn’t want to deviate from comfort food, but we also wanted to modernise southern cuisine. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to making everything from scratch and only use fresh chicken,” tells us Amr Zaki, co-founder of DirtyByrd.

Do yourself a favor and start 2017 off a good note – try one of DirtyByrd’s sandwiches – or even better, try all four.

Check out DirtyByrd's Instagram account here