Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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Say Cheese(cake)!

Egypt's first specialised cheesecake shop has us drooling over their cute culinary creations. Soon you'll be drooling, too...

Staff Writer

If you and your friends are of the mindset that Cairo is seriously deficient in the amount of fermented milk-based baked confections available, that’s about to change. Say Cheese is the first specialised cheesecake shop in Egypt; located in New Cairo, this joint is bringing the pure downright sinful decadence of cheesecake to the people. We could barely make it through the 10+ options on offer without totally ruining our laptops with the stupendous amount of drool pouring out of our mouths.  Go get a towel, we’ll wait...


They started out with the average flavours - cherry, blueberry, and raspberry - you know, taking us slowly, trying to subtly tell us we have never even seen real cheesecakes before. But no, we want to get fat with style! So, they took us to Red Velvet. If we said dreamy it would be an understatement as to how heart-shatteringly gorgeous it looks. We move on to the big deal, the handsome prince of the cheesecake-dom, marshmallow cheesecakes of course. Good God; majestically sitting there, we are losing our minds.


It gets better when we come across the great king of the saccharine world, Nutella Twix. You've got Nutella lovers over here screaming and cheering, and Twix lovers clapping with tears of joy over this ostensibly awesome cake-vention! Just when you think Say Cheese has played every card, they strike yet again with supercaloridiculouses FERERO ROCHER! It sounds like something out of a fairy tale; it definitely looks like one, too!

No matter how you slice it, there's a cake option for you at Say Cheese. Whether you want to devour a cake all on your own or stick to a slice for the sake of that diet, they've got it. They also have cheesecake in mason jars, in case you want to feed that inner hipster. Okay, we're done talking, go drool over their Facebook page and Instagram instead.