Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Say Yes to Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream At N2 Lab

Craving something new and sweet, yet sort of strange? Yeah, we found something for you: the new liquid nitrogen ice cream from N2 Lab.

Staff Writer

We all have unconditional love for ice cream in all shapes, sizes, and flavours, and those who don’t shouldn’t be trusted. So, for us normal people who are crazy about ice cream, we are constantly seeking new flavours that, along with the iciness of the delicacy itself, will drive our taste buds berserk. You want something new and quirky to spice up your ice cream? Yeah, well, we definitely found it. How about liquid nitrogen ice cream? Oh yeah.


N2 Lab One Minute Ice cream

Only at N2 Lab, in front of your eyes and just in one minute! We add our fresh components and then we add liquid nitrogen which is ZERO bacterial and with a temperature of -196 just in 10 seconds, we serve you the coldest and healthiest ice cream EVER!بس في N2 Lab طريقة عمل الأيس كريم مميزة جدا و هيتعمل قدامك فى دقيقة واحده بس! بنضيف مكونات الأيس كريم الطازة وعليها نيتروجين سائل وبدرجة حرارة تصل ل 196- في 10 ثواني بس...N2 Lab بيضمنلك أسقع وأكتر أيس كريم صحي!

Posted by N2 Lab on Wednesday, March 30, 2016


N2 Lab is introducing liquid nitrogen ice cream for the first time in Egypt! You don't want to miss out on visiting N2 Lab and seeing liquid nitrogen being mixed with fresh ingredients right before your very eyes, all in 10 seconds, and at a temperature of -196. The byproduct of the mouth-watering experiment is a very cold and healthy ice cream that is also zero bacterial. Aside from the cool experience of watching your ice cold ice cream get made, there's also strangely awesome things like popcorn ice cream. That's a first. Also, they have popcorn ice cream. That's all.

For more about this new craze, check out N2 Lab’s Facebook or follow them on Instagram @n2_lab.