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Steak Home in Heliopolis is a Cacophony of Carnivorous Treats

Steak Home is the newest grill destination on our radar.

They say you can judge a restaurant by how good their steak is. Here in  Cairo, unfortunately we can’t say that we’re particularly spoiled with an array of spectacular steakhouse choices. But a foodie can surely dream, can’t they? The newest contender to catch our attention is Steak Home, Heliopolis’ new casual eatery.

Their eclectic menu offers a range of grills, which aren’t limited to just prime beef cuts but also chicken, salmon, and grilled veggie options. If grills aren’t your thing, which would be pretty odd, the eatery also caters to mass tastes with pizzas, burgers, pastas, and other classic aboard their menu.

Different steaks from Steak Home

Steak Home takes an Italian approach to grilling, with other selections like Veal Milanese. You can find them near Nadi al-Shams or call them at +2 0115 556 6728.