Thursday June 13th, 2024
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Street Eats Make Their Sahel Comeback With Loqma El-Komy

This new Sahel hotspot is serving up a back-slap-and-burp-worthy street food menu.

Badreya Electroneya

Street Eats Make Their Sahel Comeback With Loqma El-Komy

There’s something in our Egyptian blood that calls for the occasional heartburn that is only possible through gorging on a bountiful spread of kebda sandwiches. If you’ve found yourself circulating the same street food vendors or lost on the labyrinth-like new Sahel road, this spot is serving up premium-quality and broké-friendly street food.

Located in Marina 4, on the North Coast, Loqma El Kady is the hotspot delivering hearty street food to fulfill your every craving. They aim to provide a menu made with fresh ingredients and good-quality meat, while also remaining accessible to all the boujee but broke queens. “We aim to serve the best street food with competitive prices and to return love between Egyptians and the original street food taste,”  Hatem El-Komy, owner of Loqma El-Komy, tells SceneEats. The restaurant offers a back-slap-and-burp-worthy variety of food meant to fill the void in your stomach, and also the one in your heart. 

Looking upon a selection of drenched Alexandrian kebda sandwiches, thick sojouks hugged by fluffy hero bread, and hot-milk-soaked feteer with a heavy coat of icing sugar on top, we’re left salivating with no choice but to pig out. They also serve up a selection of pasta dishes with sauces so thick, that we’re hearing Naïka’s sultry voice repeat ‘I am the sauce’ in our heads every time we clock a photo of them. “In terms of our signature items, we’d have to say it’s either our feteer and of course the liver pasta,” adds El-Komy.