Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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Surf & Turf With a Side of Music at Sahel's Sharksband

Horse girls? Shark girls have more fun. There’s just some-fin about this eccentric surf & turf in Sahel that just keeps us coming.

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Surf & Turf With a Side of Music at Sahel's Sharksband

Food and music: a tale as old as time. The combo has been recreated at all the high-end restaurants so much that we almost have the tunes memorised. A band of sharks, however, are taking the North Coast by storm with a two-story maximalist heaven serving you an eclectic eating experience laced with live music every night.

Walking into Sharksband feels like you entered an alternative universe - making it the best possible breakfast, lunch or dinner spot for all our favourite weird girls. Extravagant chandeliers, kooky wallpaper and chairs you’re afraid to sit on: Sharksband is the quirky palace everyone’s slightly off-the-rails grandma draws inspiration from.

Despite what you may assume, the eatery is not just a bunch of sharks who decided it’s time to flip the switch and eat people until they become an endangered species. It’s a bunch of sharks who decided to make peace with the human race by providing us with the plush seaside eatery of the season. Serving an array of cuisines from East to West, Sharksband is an all-group favourite where sharers and solitary eaters and solitary-eaters-who-inhale-shareable-plates can thrive in harmony.

Unironically enough, the aquarium-slash-mansion serves a delectable selection of seafood plates and trays fresh off the North Coast beach. They also have an impressive variety of meat-based dishes, from brisket to tomahawks to short ribs for the carnivorous dad at the table. Their selection of pasta & oven-roasted pizza is also enough to lure your kids into an immediate food coma by the time the live band gets to the good part.

You can visit this luxury fish tank on the Alamein coast right past Marina 7.