Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Sushi Bike: Egypt's Newest Mobile Restaurant Serving Our Favourite Food Group

Where has this deliciously mobile sushi invention been all our lives?

Staff Writer

We think it's a well-established fact by now that Sushi is our spirit food, and it's our saving grace from hunger, late night cravings, and escaping from trying 'new food' that we know will never amount to the greatness that is sushi. Egypt's food industry have picked up on this culinary obsession and despite the plethora of restaurants around this city that satisfy our need to devour perfectly rolled delectables, Egypt now has its first Sushi Bike.

We're not even ashamed to say that this idea came from founders who noticed the urgency for our need to brunch or lunch for sushi 7 times a week. The two geniuses behind this are recent engineering and management graduates. So, how did they get into this, instead of finding a job and getting stuck in an office all day? Well, the two founders are Mark Abdelshahid and Andrew Eldairy, who told CairoScene, "In the beginning, we were thinking about initiating a startup, and we were thinking big at the time – like a full-out restaurant. But then, the idea of a sushi bike just popped up in our mind, and so it began."Although they're fully aware that they're pioneers for serving sushi on a bike, Eldairy couldn't deny they were a bit worried that sushi-enthusiasts preferred their sushi at a restaurant, however, "We just told ourselves let's do it. We got a professional chef, who works in a kitchen nearby the bike, and we started by making around 100 pieces a day – then we realised they finished quickly. So, we started making more – we're at about 500 pieces a day now."

Eldairy also added that all of their sushi is crispy, freshly fried made goodness, using the same packaging as TGI Friday's and Chilli's (super food-safe). These guys started only three weeks ago in Al Rehab City, but all their reviews have been 5 stars, praising their service and taste. Open daily between 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, this unique mobile sushi delivery system is worth the try and, if you can't wait for 2-3 minutes for your sushi to be prepared, just call them up and they will have it conveniently prepared for pick-up.Check out their Facebook page @sushibikeeg for more information on their exact location (and their number to make your pick-up order, nom nom!)