Sunday October 1st, 2023
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Sweets & Treats: Made with Warmth

Sweets and Treats have enchanted us with their delicious culinary masterpieces that give cuisine a whole new twist.

Staff Writer

Jingle bells, jingle bells, treats all the way! Oh what fun it is to eat, and get fat every day! Hey! We all know that winter, especially Christmastime, is all about hot cocoa, yummy treats, and good food, but what fun is it getting fat on useless sweets? We came across a charming restaurant with tender comfy vibes that's definitely worth the calories. Ladies and gents, let us introduce you to what's going to be your taste buds' new addiction: Sweets and Treats.

Originally located in the heart of Maadi, Sweets and Treats have opened up a new store in Cairo Festival City. We met with the founders of this cute little restaurant, and they made us fall in love with their cuisine. The restaurant’s atmosphere is upscale while maintaining a warm and inviting feel with comfortable relaxing vibes. Though Sweets and Treats is family-friendly, it can be a quiet romantic spot for a sweet date, or simply a place to meet up with friends for a casual dinner.Sweets and Treats’ core values are all based on satisfying their customers and maintaining a close relationship with them; they will treat you like royalty. They listen to their clients and give them what they want in accordance to their brand aesthetic. Each dish is creative and more delicate than the other, and they even make their own homemade bread. Their cheesecake with heavenly strawberry pieces will cause a delightful explosion in your mouth. They also have other luscious desserts such as pancakes and profiterole.While their baked goodies won't burn a hole in your pocket, Sweets and Treats are meticulous about the quality of their ingredients. Furthermore, their prices are considered to be fair compared to the quality of the products. Baking is an art that only a few can master, so if the ingredients are cheap, the entire product is cheap. They make everything using the best ingredients; they also use pure vanilla, which they get from abroad, and chocolate they get from Belgium. Sweets and Treats doesn't use any artificial products; everything is pure so you can guarantee the best quality dishes and treats. The chefs at Sweets and Treats give them a lot inspiration; their main chefs are chosen because of their creativity and ability to add their own twist. Aside from their scrumptious treats, they also serve gourmet platters without abiding by staple recipes for any of their mouthwatering dishes and desserts. They also believe that presentation is key, and we were truly impressed. “We try to provide people with the same quality of food and service one would get at a five-star hotel without it being super expensive,” they tell us. While other places serve basically everything you can imagine, it always comes at a compromising cost. However, Sweets and Treats don't add anything to their menu without making it flawless. They follow the season’s trends with a passion, which is why they say that “we are much more than you can imagine.”

We all know how difficult it is to find a good breakfast place in Cairo - some chefs can’t even cook a simple egg, it’s either dried out or overcooked. However, Sweets and Treats have a savoury breakfast menu; one of their big sellers is the breakfast platter and the festival brunch. They also have a wide range of appetising and creative salads, including the arugula and orange salad with goat cheese and walnuts. Furthermore, their Arancini is to die for; once you take a bite, it will instantly melt in your mouth. While they’re not a burger joint, Sweets and Treats has managed to master the art of crafting exquisite burgers. The signature burger is their best selling one, as well as their heavenly fillet with a side of baked potato.Our experience at Sweets and Treats was truly wonderful; we felt right at home with warm and cozy vibes. With Christmas around the corner, the treats come with a heartfelt handwritten “Merry Christmas” note, which adds an extra dose of genuine sincerity. Sweets and Treats is a breath of fresh air and a break form the busy streets of Cairo, especially if you want to take a step back and embrace all that is sweet in the world.

You can visit their Facebook page here or Instagram here.