Sunday May 19th, 2024
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Tartufo: The Cloud Kitchen Turning Your Home Into an Italian Bistro

Your Zamalek hangouts just got a lot hotter with Tartufo’s Italian delivery service.

Layla Raik

Tartufo: The Cloud Kitchen Turning Your Home Into an Italian Bistro

In the flurry of the Facebook-led non-food-oriented hangouts revolution, countless friend groups have made ventures into the cultural centres of Cairo, populating the streets of Old Cairo - Zamalek and Downtown being supreme hangout spots. However, there still comes a moment after you’re clad in Cairopolian totes (unquestionably stacked with prints for your wall) dislodge an arm and your friends’ tantrums start sounding a lot less like valid arguments and a lot more like hanger - that you realise that food is inevitable. 

Seeing as you’re too feral to leave your ‘car/that one friend’s living room’ by now, scavenging for food becomes a problem. That is, until Zamalek-based Italian cloud restaurant Tartufo joins the conversation - and your purpose is clear.

Primarily serving the perfectly-divisible hangout food, pizza, Tartufo brings you the opulent range of woodfired pizza that properly satisfies the need for true-to-form Italian we all share; serving everything from Bresaola Rucola and signature Tartufi to the controversial Hawaiian, all available as full pizzas or singular slices. If your munchy feels are too disputing to agree, there’s the all-inclusive Quattro Stagioni, which brings you four pizzas in one: pepperoni, quattro formaggi, buffalo mozzarella and bresaola rucola. 

For the more individualistic lone wolf, or just people who don’t enjoy traditionally triangular pizza (yes, they exist), Tartufo has made pizzas into sandwiches, giving you anything from hot-dog-based affumicato to chicken and spinach ventures between two loaves.