Sunday May 19th, 2024
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The Alexandrian App That Delivers Street Food to Your Doorstep

Any restaurant that doesn't deliver in Alexandria now delivers through Tayary. From the Kebda guy around the corner to the fancy fish place on the beach.

Staff Writer

The Alexandrian App That Delivers Street Food to Your Doorstep

There has never been a better time in history to better exploit your god-given right to be a couch potato. The world literally lies at the tip of your fingers and you could have anything and everything delivered to your doorstep before batting an eye. But what about that kedba and sogo'a place on the corner of that godforsaken alley you once stumbled upon after a heavy night of drinking? Well, that would be pushing it. How could one possibly get that delivered? For a lucky bunch up north in Alexandria, this is no longer a fantasy scenario.

With the launch of the city's first dedicated delivery app Tayary - its main focus being delivering from restaurants that don't otherwise provide such service, think street food, fine dining, gourmet restaurants - Alexandria is now way ahead of the capital in the ever-growing human strive towards Netflixing and chilling without a worry in the world. And we couldn't be more envious.

Picture this; with a tap of a button, you could have a package of the tastiest Alban Swisra sandwiches, fresh juice from Saber and dessert from Nola Cupcakes all instantly delivered to your doorsteps while you track it all the way through. And it doesn't stop there. You could also recommend any place that doesn't deliver around the city and its entire menu would be up on the app within 24 hours. Heavenly, isn't it? We talk to co-founder Mahmoud Hussein on his home-delivery breakthrough and plans for the future.

How did the idea of Tayary come about with so many other delivery services in the market?

It's true, there are competitors. But we thought about is building a platform from which people could have food delivered to them that they can't otherwise. Think about Alban swisra, El Etihad El Sakandry, all the gourmet and fine dining spots. All those places offer exquisite cuisine that customers are constantly craving but have no way of having it delivered to them. That's where Tayary comes to the rescue.When did Tayary launch and how does it stand out from competitors?

We've officially launched in January. The way I see it, having a delivery platform that merely connects you with restaurants that already have an established delivery system is barely an added value. We deliver from places that were previously only accessible if you go there yourself. You can also GPS-track your Tayary delivery all the way from the restaurant until it reaches your doorstep. 

What's the biggest challenge Tayary has faced?

Our biggest challenge was sustaining a delivery fleet that is positioned all across Alexandria to guarantee timely delivery. On our first day of operation, none of the delivery guys we had agreed with showed up while we had orders hammering in. My partners and I eventually had to deliver orders ourselves because we couldn't possibly just cancel the orders. What we initially perceived as a challenge, which is getting people to actually use the app, turned out completely differently than we expected. People were actually ecstatic and mostly couldn't believe that all those restaurants that don't usually delivered are now finally available for delivery.

Tell us more about the other cofounders.

We're all good friends even though we come from very different business backgrounds. I'm a business developer with a solid background in marketing. Malak El Bahtimy is our social media expert our tech expert is would Taher El Shafei, who supervises the developing of the app and ensuring the smooth and ease of using it. The whole show is run by our Managing Director Amr Abdel Fattah.

Amr AbdelFattah

How do you build your database of restaurants?

We started off by including all the known restaurants that don't deliver. From that point on, we let the customers lead us. When we receive a recommendation for any restaurant that we don't have, we go there ourselves and get the menu and include in the app within 24 hours. We follow exactly what the customer needs and that's another thing that I believe makes Tayary stands out.

Malak El-Bahtimy

Nine months after the official launch of Tayary, how's it performing?

It actually surpassing our expectations. When we initially launched, we were aiming to have 30-40 steady orders per day within six months. Tayary, however, crossed the 100 orders/day mark within the same period, and it's been growing steadily ever since.

Taher El Shafei

Why Alexandria?

First of all, we're all from Alexandria and we know it well. From a business standpoint, Alexandria is a perfect place to build muscle in. It's a smaller city in comparison to Cairo but it still have a solid consumer base, so we started from there with plans for expansion.

When are you planning to expand your services to Cairo?

We haven't specified a date yet, all I can say that it will be soon.

There you have it, you could now have your undeliverable food delivered, and eat it too.

Tayary is available on Apple Store and Google Play Apps Store.