Friday April 19th, 2024
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The Best Korean BBQ in Cairo - A Scene Eats Guide

These are the 10 spots that have us begging for bulgogi.

Layla Raik

The Best Korean BBQ in Cairo - A Scene Eats Guide

On the flipside of mainstream Asian cuisine (Chinese, Japanese and maybe even Thai), an unconventional underdog shines bright among well-versed foodies: Korean cuisine. Specifically, Korean barbecue. The cuisine features exciting revamps of a dish we thought simple, but with elusive marinades that give it an iridescent facelift. The traditional dish can involve all types of meat, marinated or unmarinated, but is most commonly seen in the form of thinly sliced beef called ‘bulgogi’.

Backdropped by spicy kimchi being plucked up with chopsticks, rich soup being slurped, and shots of sujo getting downed in one gulp, here are the best 10 spots grilling bulgogi adroitly. 

Seoul Barbecue

St. 263, Maadi

With grills directly built into the dining tables at Seoul Barbecue, the spot serves Korean BBQ done right with both traditional bulgogi and beef ribs.


Ghernata St., Heliopolis

A budding hub of everything Koren in the heart of Heliopolis, from mouth watering tteok-bokki to aggravatingly cute skincare products, it’s only natural Namuen’s Korean BBQ is as delicious as it is.


St. 232, Degla, Maadi

Nestled in the green heart of Degla Maadi, Tomato crafts delicious Korean delicacies from jjigae you can slurp in anticipation of the main event - delicious Korean BBQ.


St. 231, Maadi

The budding hub of Korean food that everyone and their mother has tried (it is the one of the oldest Korean joints in the country, after all), Gaya has cemented their name as a go-to when it comes to delicious bulgogi.


32 Nady Gedeed St., Maadi

When it comes to Asian food, the unsaid rule goes that the dingier the joint, the better the food. Arirang follows the hypothesis perfectly as the Maadi hole in the wall you can only find when the enticing aroma of grilling bulgogi draws you in.


St. 276, Maadi

With ever-evolving banchan that changes every time you visit, Mina is an exciting pot of surprises that takes you on adventurous journeys through the world of Korean delicacies before settling at BBQ.

Hana Barbeque

Hassan Assem St., Zamalek

As unfailing experts in the field of Korean, Hana Barbecue’s grilled meat selection is marinated and cooked to the point of perfection.


St. 264, Maadi

One of the downsides of hole-in-the-wall Asian eateries that have authentic dishes down to a science is that you have to drag yourself to a branch for some good kimchi. Gogi, on the other hand, serves their bulgogi dine-in and via Talabat, side dishes included and all, making the ordeal of Korean BBQ much easier.

DON Eatery

5A by the Waterway, New Cairo

Known for their proficiency in Asian street food, DON serves their beef bulgogi on a bed of noodles, because the more carb the merrier.

I Seoul U

Ali Ismail St., Dokki

Committed to Korean culture, I Seoul U serves more than just (exceptional) bulgogi, it serves the Korean experience right from the heart of Dokki. Where Seoul is love and love is Seoul, you can be sure to experience a devotion unlike any other at I Seoul U.