Friday 3 of February, 2023
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The Chocolate Factory Is the Ultimate Whimsical Choco Brand in Town

Watch out Willy Wonka, there's a new Chocolate Factory in town.

Kurt Galalah

Egyptian brand Chocolate Factory is adding an oomph to the world of cocoa. Specialised in customised chocolate, shaped to take all kinds of fun forms, the brand creates an ode to chocolate with every breath they take. 

"From hot tub-shaped coconut chocolate, to a lake house made of candy, we're not afraid to get a little playful," Sarah Fendi, the founder of the factory, tells SceneEats. Chocolate Factory also produces their very own creamy spreads, available in dark, mile and white chocolate flavours. We give ten for presentation, ten for flavour, and ten for over-the-top adorableness. Just tens, tens, tens across the board.

So if you’re looking for a tasty gift for a friend, or just a lonely Friday night, you can order boxed sets and place custom requests by sliding into The Chocolate Factory's Insta.