Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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The Fondue Pot Adds Some Delectable New Dishes to Their Menu

Ready? Set? Go! The Fondue Pot's ready-made additions to their already enticing menu are made to appeal to those of us who want to just sit down and eat already.

Staff Writer

If you’re an avid CairoScene reader – or even if you’ve only known us for a short period of time, actually – you know how much we love our food. We’re not very big on the cooking, though – we prefer the instant gratification of hitting up a restaurant, grabbing a drink, being presented with food, and devouring it. Do we have any supporters in the house? Any hands up in the air? Clearly, we get pretty excited about the whole going-out-to-eat experience. Last time we went over to The Fondue Pot, though, they had us working hard to earn those enticing eats they set out on the table – cooking our meat, dipping our bread, making our pizzas; so good, so engaging, but so much work! We, the avid supporters of instant gratification, prefer to sit down and eat without all the effort. Mariam and Natalie Ghamrawy – Co-Owners of The Fondue Pot – apparently noticed our strife, and the perils of the other hungry folks who were far too impatient to work the Tatar Hat, and concocted a compromise.
“A lot of our guests focused on the idea of ready-made dishes,” Natalie Ghamrawy tells us. “They don’t want to sit there and cook for themselves, but they want food from The Fondue Pot. We had to do something about this.” As demand grew for ready-to-eat dishes at The Fondue Pot, the savvy sisters put their creativity to the test and recently released a range of ready-made dishes as part of their authentic yet eclectic menu, including items like the grandaddy of the steak world: a classic filet mignon with their special herbed butter to give it a twist. Last time we were at The Fondue Pot, they boasted a wide range of fondues – cheese, chocolate, meat, the whole shebang – and a lot of engaging food options that make for a fun dining experience. Our favourite was making our own personal pizzas, reminiscent of our childhood days. Now, The Fondue Pot caters to both demographics: the fun creative foodies and the instant gratification eaters. How?

All the great signature dishes at The Fondue Pot are still there, because no matter how much we love the instant gratification, we also had way too much fun making those pizzas. Enriching the authentic menu is a wide range of ready-to-eat dishes from soups and appetizers to main dishes worth drooling over, except that's gross. No drooling. Staying true to their authentic Swiss/European inspiration, the Ghamrawy sisters introduced new additions that are creative yet traditional, fun yet classy, and strange yet savoury - things like peppercorn steak - a juicy South African tenderloin, paired with peach sauce, for example. Let's stop for a moment to picture that Joey Tribbiani himself was headed out to eat at The Fondue Pot; aside from being bombarded by senseless Friends fans (yes, us), we imagine that he'd force his date to stick to her fondue while he ordered 'most everything off this new menu. Zucchini fries with onion dip? Good. Seafood skillet with all the trimmings? Good! Red velvet hot chocolate? GOOD! That's right, along with their creative new dishes are a slew of fun and flavourful hot chocolate options just in time to keep you and your loved ones warm and cozy this Valentine's season.We're ready to head back and check out all the new additions to The Fondue Pot's already awesome variety of authentic foods - and some red velvet hot chocolate definitely wouldn't hurt.

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