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The Happy Rabbit Brings Flavours of Ice Cream Unlike Anything We’ve Se

Founded by chef Lara Khalifa, The Happy Rabbit is Cairo’s newest and cutest ice cream joint.

Pause whatever you’re doing— we’ve just found the most adorz ice cream shop to hit Egypt maybe ever. We mean that seriously. The Happy Rabbit is the newest ice cream parlour bringing Cairenes pure frozen joy and a selection of the most ingenious flavours to hit the food scene brought to us by chef Lara Khalifa.

“Ice cream brings me joy, and since starting off as a chef it has always been my dream to create and introduce new taste experiences to people,” Khalifa told us. 

Starting with seasonal favs, they carry flavours like mango and sumac (genius combo we know), as well as permanent flavours like lavender and honeycomb, hibiscus and qeshta, vanilla-date-and qahwa caramel, earl grey and candied orange, and nutmeg with applesauce— the gastronomy is just above and beyond. 

Aside from the to-die-for flavours, the branding is ridiculously en pointe. Find a cuter ice cream parlour— we dare you. While they haven’t  launched quite yet, they’re landing in Cairo’s freezers next week when they begin delivery in New Cairo and hope to expand to supermarkets soon after.