Saturday May 25th, 2024
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The O’s Makes Cookie Bars Straight Out of Heaven

Cookies and biscotti = cookie bars.

Farah Ibrahim

The O’s Makes Cookie Bars Straight Out of Heaven

Everyone loves cookies. It almost seems sacrilegious to alter anything about this already perfect food. Yet there are few heroes who tread this risky road and come out winning. The O’s is one of them, ushering in a thing we didn’t know we needed— cookie bars.  

"Think of it this way: if cookies and biscotti had a baby, cookie bars would be it. Vertically sliced, chocolate dipped goodness," says founder Omnya Talat to SceneEats. "We wanted to create something that stayed true to us but would also resonate with our customers. We think we cracked the cookie code."

We don't know about you but cookie bars sound like the ultimate cookie creation. Like, it's not a cookie, it's not a bar, it's a goddamn cookie bar. In the wise words of Hannah Montana, "YOU GET THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!"     

That’s not all they make of course. Brownies, blondies, cakes, and macarons are also on the menu— literally. The dessert shop exists solely online, so you can’t physically head out and pick up these goodies. But wouldn’t you rather get them delivered home anyways? Call them up at +2 0127 713 6563.