Friday 9 of December, 2022
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The Scene Eats Kahk 2022 Guide

Our annual guide for the fantastic kahk guide and where to find them is coming through.

Farida El Shafie

It’s Eid besties, and there’s nothing more Eid-adjacent than calorific meals and new - now slightly tight-fitting - outfits. We can’t stress this enough if your breakfast on that holy day does not consist of beid bel basterma, kahk, and shay belaban then you’re just not doing it right. Kahk is the tradition of the post-Eid prayer, we as a collective, can never part ways because uhm…serotonin? Can like extract that part of Eid, incubate it, and keep it forever… sign.

The kahks from Diet Delight


She’s so cute and quirky, we’d buy our kahks from here just for the packaging. We’ve most definitely been eyeing their pistachio-filled mini kahks. 

Call the plug: 15704

Where to kop the kahks: Delivery Only 


This is your classic, go-to kahk place if you want to budget and stay true to the Eid tradition of taking your grandmas’ freshly stacked trays of kahk to the forn down the street, this is your spot. 

Call the plug: 01095665509

Where to kop thekahks: Branches all over Cairo 


We didn’t forget about you, our healthy kings, kweens and gender non-conforming royals, because Diet Delight is keeping you super skinny this Eid, babies. 

Call the plug: 0122 0220208

Where to kop the Kahks: Delivery only


They’re agameya and malban filled kahks, like for real for real, and they’re BABY-sized! Which in our world means the calories don’t exist…we don’t see them. 

Call the plug: 01019333398

Where to kop the Kahks: 20 El Thawra Street, Mohandessin


What’s more convenient than your local bakery chain is loaded with Eid goodies? That’s a trick question because it doesn’t exist. Eat now or forever hold your peace. Oh, and eradicate that guilty conscience of yours, this year, TBS is donating 10% of its revenues to Al Nas hospital. 

Call the plug: 16679

Where to kop the kahks: Branches all over Cairo 


She’s a boujee kahka, she makes all the other kahks jealous because unlike them, she’s the kahka that belongs on a charcuterie board, periodt. 

Call the plug: 01288880555

Where to kop the kahks: Branches all over Cairo 

The kahks from Devour 


Unexpected, we know, but hear us out. If House of Cocoa can serve chocolate goodness all year round then they will surely pull out all the stops with their Eid kahks. Classic and buttery, these glorious sugar-coated bites of heaven will have your fingers sticky and your heart happy. 

Call the plug: 02 23146278

Where to kop the kahks: Branches all over Cairo 


It wouldn’t be Eid without Kouider’s kahk. Completed with a perfectly brewed cup of shay belaban, these are your go-to for a sure-fire promising start to your Eid. 

Call the plug: 01288883638

Where to kop the kahks: Branches all over Cairo 


You literally can’t go wrong with home-grown bakery Simond’s kahks can you. They’ve been in the game since we were just atoms floating aimlessly so if you’re looking for a guaranteed Eid kahk, then they’re the ones for you. 

Call the plug: 16246

Where to kop the kahks: Branches all over Cairo 


It’s cupcakes this and cupcakes that, but Nola isn’t just all gumdrops and rainbows, these babies know how to finesse Eid kahks, just try them for yourself. 

Call the plug: 16714

Where to kop the kahks: Branches all over Cairo 


The ever-so scandalous La Poire is back again this Eid. They’re a cult classic for a reason. Do you want it stuffed with dates? Pecans? Your next-door neighbor's secret bechamel recipe? They got it, girl.  

Call the plug: 19515

Where to kop the kahks: Branches all over Cairo 

The kahks from Doughnia's 


They made an exceptional return with their classic Ramadan desert - Rawan. Now, they’re keeping it classy with their kahks and ghorayebas, oh and they have petit four the boujee girlies who wanna Netflix and kahk this Eid.  

Call the plug: NA

Where to kop the kahks: Branches all over Cairo 


If you want KAHK kahk, then to the Abd you go. They simply never miss and they’re also pretty much available in every nook and cranny. Their Eid boxes come in different sizes so whether you’re a lone soldier or a family of 12, El Abd has you covered. 

Call the plug: 0223938307

Where to kop the kahks: Branches all over Cairo 


Oven Heaven’s khakis are literally made for the artsy uni kids who are having a friend’s Eid but, like, in the best way possible. Also, our nostalgia for the early naughties is through the roof right now because these come in tin containers. YES, the same one your granny used as storage for her sewing kit. 

Call the plug: 01145247041

Where to kop the kahks: Point 90 New Cairo, Maadi 


This is right up our alley because when we tell you we fell to the floor upon seeing the uber-cute baby pink packaging, we’re not kidding. This humble bakery focuses on bringing out top tier classics, so yeah, I’d kop ASAP rocky.  

Call the plug: 01118880771

Where to kop the kahks: Delivery Only all over Cairo and Alex