Friday April 19th, 2024
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'The Store of Homemade' is Every Vegan’s Dream Come True

Available online, your plant-based dreams can come into fruition with the Store of Homemade.

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'The Store of Homemade' is Every Vegan’s Dream Come True

Vegan food is notoriously one of the trickiest types to master, apart from good old foul and falafel, plant-based substitutions to carnivorous favs like bolognese and cheese are not quite as easy to pin down. So naturally you can imagine our joy when we stumbled across The Store of Homemade, which cooks up and delivers their very own vegan homemade food products. 

Carrying a selection of vegan, whole, and fermented foods that have zero added sugar and keep it mostly gluten-free. The local brand was previously endorsed by celebrated television chef Sally Foad, and makes regular appearances at markets and bazaars in and around the Cairo area.

From tofu curry, cashew cheeses, a bucketload of pickle variations, oat cakes, dips and spreads, and rarely-found nut butters like Brazil nut butter and pecan butter, their selection would get the gears of any health nut going. 

The Store of Homemade is currently available to order through Greenolic and El Market all over Cairo, or you can call +2 0120 377 3115 for delivery in Zamalek.