Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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The Ultimate Guide to New Year's Date Night Spots in Cairo

Ring in the new year with your beau at these dazzling dining spots.

Fadila Khalid

The Ultimate Guide to New Year's Date Night Spots in Cairo

Situationships instigate one of two emotion-laced trajectories. The first one ends with a full-fledged (almost fictitious) Brontë sisters-esque encounter that never ceases and serves as a constant reminder that love is, in fact, real. The second (and least favourable direction) has you sprawled on a couch buried in lollipop wrappers and empty puff bar containers wondering if your newly-cut fringe was, in fact, what terminated your movie montage. Whichever scenario you find yourself navigating, surviving 2023 is enough cause to celebrate. To tend to your newly-forged desires, we’ve compiled a list of the boujee-iest date night spots for you (and your potential partner) to indulge at.


If Grecian islands - in all their superfluous glory - could birth a manifestation of their lux connotations it would probably look something like Zoé. Harbouring healing views of Giza, the Four Seasons-affiliated restaurant beckons those treading their veranda to unearth their maxi dresses from their retired state and adoringly gaze into the eyes of your ‘whoever I'm settling for this season’.


You’re into the classics. The dark academia meets the neighbourhood’s sweater weather and tea before bed classics that ultimately compile in predominantly neutral wardrobes. Xódo is the Brazilian steakhouse that somehow managed to tend to your gluten free celiac requirements and ensure that no irritated bowel movements reign on your parade come nighttime.


An ode to Singapore’s rich cultural delicacies, chef Taiga Kanekuni, a culinary artisan, believes that the chef is essential in showcasing the storied craft of Edomae sushi by bringing out the natural flavours of each ingredient.


If Asia’s biggest countries (China and India included) somehow united (in the culinary not geopolitical sense) it would probably look something like St. Regis Tianma.


Deep fried (footlong) escalope with a side of breathtaking Nile views, Pier88 serves authentic Italian experiences amongst Egypt’s beloved crystalline waters.


We said red, and Zamalek’s fine dining establishment Crimson grill is the buzzing Cairene eatery amplifying you and your partners intimate moments.


Cocktails and cuisine, this Heliopolis-based boujee date spot lets you wash down the awkwardness with engraved crystal glasses filled to the brim with sunset sangrias.


Elegantly mimicking the street-based restaurants lining Rome’s tight-knit walkways, Rossini is the Italian fusion restaurant specialising in seafood and making Heliopolis residents marry on the second date.


There’s arguably no better purveyor of Teppanyaki in Cairo than the Cairo Marriott's Torii. This Japanese fare haven in the heart of Cairo not only serves delectable Asian cuisine, but rather transforms the journey of its consumption into a multi-sensory dining experience. With skilled chefs at the helm, Torii’s teppanyaki grills are a sizzling stage for flame-driven culinary virtuosity.


This New Cairo hotspot lets you hide amongst its dark crevices and indulge in medium-rare steak and lightly seasoned asparagus. You might want to keep your phone on hand (or a candle or two).


Like the name suggests, this Katameya (and now Heliopolis) date spot is where every salmon tartar babes can match wits with steak tartar boys and fight over who gets to pay the bill afterwards.


When life flings lemons your way, you ditch the work-related outing connotations this place provokes, and instead opt for a night of creamy risotto and longing gazes.


Asian and Mediterranean cuisine effortlessly merge seasonings at this Sheikh Zayed establishment. Much like the mingling taking place, this union lets you test drive the relationship as you experiment with flavourable combinations.


You are cultured first and boujee second. This is the date night spot that unabashedly fulfils your romantic escapade by the foot of the pyramids. Toggling between architectural masterpiece and historical artefact, the Giza-based restaurant serves as a quaint date night spot for you and your one true love to escape the mundanity of hotel outings and cold city skyscrapers.


A Sicilian rooftop daydream atop Maadi’s bustling streets, Estro is the only place on this list that demands a red lip and satin backless dress. Your man can swoop in with another pair of his grey joggers but you, our queen, need to fully embrace Italian girl autumn.


Peruvian food is one that requires a mature palette, which makes BARRANCO perfect for weeding out flighty fancies and uncovering true husband material. You simply cannot enjoy BARRANCO's bold fusion of delicately-robust foods without your trusty white leather boots.


Lebanon’s finest high-ceilinged (at times menacingly so) droplet chandeliers make for a night of palpable tension and short form exchanges along the lines of “you look really good tonight,” and “thank you, it’s genetics.” Whilst spicy seafood and gloriously garlicky Shish Taouk might distract from the task at hand, the New Cairo hotspot never fails to put our sweaty palms at ease.


You want to party, go clubbing, grab a couple of drinks, indulge in some comfort fine cuisine and potentially have someone drive you home when colours begin blending into a whirlpool of nothingness. 5A’s Esca is the restaurant channelling those degenerate tendencies but managing to do so with elegance. To confine your date encounters to seated stale conversations is nothing in the face of a night imbued with techno and gin without the tonic.


The Four Seasons Nile Plaza is home to one of Cairo's most authentic Italian restaurants; its interiors teeming with a rustic but chic minimalism resemblent of Tuscany, while classic Italian spices fill the air with a rich aroma that call out our inner romantic. These river-side fantasies are, thankfully, actualised...considering the restaurant offers panoramic views of the Nile river and the city beyond.


Famous for their truffle pizza, Lakeview’s Lexie’s is the upscale spot microdosing your date nights with insurmountable amounts of meticulously crafted cheese and staff ready to pile on the aperitifs until your stomach is just as full as your heart.


Izakaya seamlessly fuses Japanese precision with Peruvian flair to curate an explosive experience for you (pun intended) and your tastebuds. So let your miniscule knowledge on fine Asian cuisine dissipate as you properly acquaint yourself with authentic interpretations.


Fervently hued, Lucida - perched atop Arkan Plaza's, its rooftop terrace overlooking the chaotic city below - boasts the kind warm ambiance that invites intimacy. The restaurant's arching interior and high-tables make up the perfect sitting to get to know your seasonal winter crush.


This is quite frankly where you take your significant other if you know you’re going to pop the question and a few babies down the line. Albeit sexy and exciting, it's a safe option; one that mimics the tepid state of your relationship. Steak is adventurous but only if it's served raw, and your date is certain, just like the ones you’ll potentially have for the rest of your wedded life.


Baky Hospitality’s cocktail bar not only serves to quench stale conversations but undoubtedly manages to provide enough refined comfort cuisine to bring you back to life.

J&G Steakhouse

A well-earned indulgence, steak dinners transcend the realm of mere physical sustenance. They have the remarkable capacity to satiate a deeper hunger, one that reaches into the emotional and even spiritual dimensions of our being...which is why they're best suited for celebrating your survival of a new year with your partner at the St. Regis Cairo.