Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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These Treats are 'Hella Good' and Healthy Too

'Hella Good' makes healthy and naughty treats - and they are both delicious. We're sure that even the sugar-free tasties will satisfy the most vicious sweet-tooth's cravings.

Staff Writer

You may have noticed these particularly tasty treats floating around Zamalek with their adorable package designs. ‘Hella Good’ has brought both healthy and naughty treats to the dessert table, baking up granola, energy bites, cakes, and brownies. 

Hala Fahmy, the sole human behind the venture, tells us that after having spent her years working in multinationals, she quit her job and began experimenting with food in her newly discovered free time. “It’s all about the taste – everything is homemade, and I use very rich ingredients,” Fahmy tells us. Her menu sells not only ‘guilty pleasures’ – for which she places no restrictions on ingredients, simply making “really, really tasty” things – but also the much needed missing Cairo ingredient: healthy granolas and energy bites. We're talking gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free goodies that actually taste good. And are packed with great ingredients.  

We had to ask about the name ‘Hella Good’, and we are told it's not only a sneaky play on her own name Hala, but is intentionally non-committal to a certain type of food. “I want to be a bit flexible. Anything I like to eat I usually decide to make myself, so I want to be able to work on any kind of food. At the moment, though, I don’t want to confuse people before I have built a good reputation.”

Looking far into the future, Fahmy adds that she’d love to have her own restaurant. Currently, she has had to move from her home kitchen to a larger rented space to deal with demand, and she is working on some new Christmas recipes – think ‘cakey’ ginger cookies with all the spices of the season, and perhaps caramel truffles. “I have been doing everything on my own so far, and I had to make deliveries on my Vespa – but that’s just not practical now!” We couldn't think of anything possibly cuter. 

Check out Hella Good on Instagram and Facebook to get your orders in.

Photo by #MO4Productions by @MO4Network