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This Brand Makes Ramadan-Style Foul & Falafel Sushi and We're Confused

They’re making sushi herstory and we’re both impressed and confused.

The people at Amazing Sushi have been cooking up yummy sushi experiences since last September. Normatively speaking, they’ve stuck to the books and made gorgeous rolls of deliciousness: be it maki, hot rolls, nigiri, or even fresh, crisp sashimi. It’s their new Ramadan menu, however, that’s been turning heads.A post on Amazing Sushi with a foul sushi

Men on a mission, these guys are attempting to make sushi history by creating the very first ‘Egyptian Sushi.’ A couple of days ago, Amazing Sushi announced through their Facebook page that they’ve released Ramadan themed sushi rolls. ‘What does that look like?’ you might ask -- we’re talking foul maki rolls, falafel maki rolls, sojouk nigiri, omelette maki roll, Alexandrian sojouk maki roll, and fries maki roll. We know, we know; we’ve barely comprehended it ourselves. 

Another post with nigiri and sausages with one another

Every roll comes with its own special sauce and a secret recipe unique to each concoction. You can try any of their daring new recipes or even some classic fan favorite sushi rolls at either of their New Cairo or Heliopolis branches where you can swing by to pick up your order, or get it delivered to you through their respective phone numbers (+2 0122 459 9360 or +2 0122 459 9230), or even through Talabat.