Thursday June 13th, 2024
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This Coastal Couple Cooks Up Homemade Dishes for Dahab's Nomads

In a town where every day feels like a fresh start, ReadyPrep Dahab’s founders Turkey and Kate have crafted a home-cooked haven.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

This Coastal Couple Cooks Up Homemade Dishes for Dahab's Nomads

“I believe in the notion that if you craft something you love, for someone you love, the result will be nothing short of perfection.”

Dahab is no stranger to wanderlusting nomads, with a certain beguiling air to it that just captivates the soul and never quite lets go. Along its lively shores, a certain couple is catering to bodies, minds, and souls. This is the story of ReadyPrep Dahab, a couple-run homemade meal prep service that has cast a spell over the taste buds of locals and expats alike.

Offering healthy and wholesome home-made meals, ReadyPrep Dahab delivers right to your doorstep…in Dahab. Their concept is simple yet brilliant - the meals are freshly made and packed, giving customers the choice to eat fresh or store and reheat. Some of ReadyPrep’s mouth watering offerings include shrimp avocado pasta, Mexican Caesar salad, hearty bean chilli, chicken fajita casserole, lemon chicken with mashed potatoes - alongside an ever changing menu, and customisable options that cater to all dietary needs.

Mohamed ‘Turkey’ Adel, and Kate Woodley are the pair of lovebirds behind ReadyPrep Dahab. Turkey, originally hailing from Saudi Arabia but with deep Egyptian roots, is the culinary virtuoso, while London-born Kate brings her expertise in technical and marketing facets.

Turkey, having started as a barista at a local cafe in Dahab, had fate intervene in the form of a friendly chef. During their coffee breaks, Turkey struck up a friendship with the chef, who shared his culinary secrets with the then-barista, igniting a passionate affair with food that would alter the course of the upcoming months.

"We wanted to find a way to work for ourselves, set our own hours, and just be free. One day, Turkey just decided to quit his job - and we came up with the idea. A big thing in the UK is meal prep and meal delivery, and so the opportunity presented itself. We just put two and two together and decided to give it a go," co-founder Kate Woodley shares with Scene Eats.

While Turkey didn't have professional culinary training, his innate talent for flavours and a lifetime of being inspired by his mum's cooking proved invaluable. As his partner and co-founder Woodley shares tenderly, "he is just so talented. He just has a knack for flavour, a natural ability to merge ingredients that quite frankly I've never seen before."

A day in the life of running ReadyPrep Dahab starts with a quest for the freshest ingredients, ensuring that everything they offer is nothing short of the finest. Turkey begins, “Every day I wake up early, run to the trucks stocked up with ingredients, and just grab everything I need for the day before they’re out,” emphasising the joy he finds in these routine morning errands that have further strengthened his love for the coastal town.

"Life in Dahab is nothing short of beautiful - it's mystical, and getting to live that life there is something I'll forever be grateful for. Everyday just feels like a fresh start," Turkey adds.

Kate, the British half of the ReadyPrep duo, brings her unique blend of technical expertise and marketing finesse to this culinary endeavour. Born in London, her journey from a corporate management consultant to an adventurous globetrotter led her to the sun-kissed shores of Dahab, where she met her partner.

“I just couldn’t go back to corporate,” Woodley, who has now been living in Dahab for six months, begins. “There’s risk and reward with everything…and it’s been rewarding. We never expected ReadyPrep Dahab to be the hit that it is - at first our friends were extremely supportive and we thought it would end there - but people just started showing up and signing up out of nowhere, and every time we got a new customer we’d just scream ‘woohoo!’”

But beyond the business front, lies a deep love for community, connection, and shared culinary nights beneath moonlit skies, “two weeks ago there was a meteor shower and a gathering on a mountain to watch, we catered to 15 people, cooked everything up in the mountains, and it just felt amazing,” Woodley shares. Adding onto his partner’s words, Turkey sheds some light on his personal philosophy, noting…

“I believe in the notion that if you craft something you love, for someone you love, the result will be nothing short of perfection. I love our customers, and I love interacting with them. It’s not just a business, it’s a fulfilling life.”

A story of passion, flavour, and the joy of sharing exceptional food with a community that appreciates every bite, ReadyPrep Dahab's journey - which began only last May - has been nothing short of a culinary odyssey, and we can’t wait to see where the winds take them.