Saturday April 13th, 2024
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This Gas Station Speciality Store Serves Karak 24/7

Oh you haven’t heard? Coffee is out – the new ‘it’ girl is karak.

Layla Raik

This Gas Station Speciality Store Serves Karak 24/7

After years of being joint at the hip to the magic caffeine bean, unshakeable jitters and embarrassingly ever-trembling hands, we’ve been compelled to ditch our morning cappuccinos for a more cultured choice. Needless to say, it’s been rough – but Karak Boy, our all-men-except-king, has held our hand throughout.

Crafting the traditional South-Asian-turned-Qatari treat 24/7 for your caffeine fiend needs, Karak Boy is making karak as accessible as every other mild gas station coffee shop – only much more palatable. The spot crafts regular karak – hot and iced - featuring black tea, milk, and cardamom, as well as an exclusive saffron variation of the drink. If you’re feeling particularly thirsty, the spot’s date pecan juice is a hydrating treat standing the test of simmering summer days.

At Karak Boy, the spirit of saffron is carried well into dessert as well, where you can enjoy an elusive saffron milk cake amidst its classic and pistachio counterparts.