Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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This Heliopolis Pizza Place is Adding Their Own Twist to the Classic Pie

Braided & waffled pizzas finally make their cheesy debut in Egypt at the newly opened pizzeria, The Mill.

Staff Writer

Joining a string of new restaurants and bars opening their doors in Heliopolis, The Mill is the latest addition to welcome hungry Carienes. But this isn't your run of the mill pizza place (pun intended). It has a real edge over other pizza places, and that's their pizza itself.

The menu boasts three pizza styles; braided, waffled, or just a regular (but super cheesy) pizza. Not that we need more reasons to love pizza. When asked about the inspiration behind their creation, co-founder Ahmed Gaafar explains that the idea of braided pizza just came to Joey Maher, Perry Ashraf and himself while they were just hanging out on the balcony. And it was inspired by YouTube videos that they'd been watching. He elaborates that during the tasting process, they decided to get creative with the waffle maker and that's how the waffled pizza was born.

Their slogan is "Pizza with a Twist", and staying true to their promise, they're constantly adding little kinks to their menu like the recent addition, the Buffalo Waffle Sandwich. Even their desserts are rocking this awesome makeover too as The Mill gives us the braided version of classics like apple pie and Nutella with banana.

Oh and they deliver! Check them out here