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This Market Is All About Ice Cream, Cheese & Fresh Juice and We Stan

How can you not stan them?

Launched in 2005, Al Khedewy Market is a unique market concept, with a focus on dairy products, a range of fresh cheeses, ice cream and fresh juices. The best part? All of their products are made fresh, and the entire spot carries that aesthetic of cute old school markets in Cairo. Like the ones we would frequent with Teta.

Al Khedewy offers fresh mango, strawberry, grapefruit, pomegranate, kiwi and peach juices, in addition to vanilla, chocolate, yoghurt and raspberry, hazelnut, Oreo, Snickers ice cream and more. You could also get crepe and waffles with ice cream and their special sundae. The market also offers roumy cheese, fresh yoghurt, halawa, Istanbouly and Arish cheese, winter favourite beleila and a range of deli products.

You can find Al Rehab, Al Rehab Eastern Market, Madinaty and Maadi Degla, or you can order via DM