Saturday May 25th, 2024
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This Spot in Almazah Makes Donut Burgers

Dinner and dessert in one bite, Burdogz is tapping into our most deluded comfort food cravings.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

This Spot in Almazah Makes Donut Burgers

Cairenes are no strangers to food combinations that would send even the most experienced foodies amongst us into a coma; we’ve witnessed the rise and fall of the cheese bucket movement, we’ve watched as boba slowly faded back into the background, and yet as one (metaphorical) culinary civilization falls, another, newer and stronger, emerges.

While the chefs at Tivoli Dome Garden Almazah’s Burdogz may not wear capes (nor awkwardly placed briefs as a matter of fact), they are still every inch the heroes. It is a universally accepted truth that oftentimes for one’s soul to achieve solace, the aid of a double smash-patty burger drenched in cheese sauce and mushrooms must be enlisted… and here, instead of buns, it comes in a donut.

Serving up juicy smash patties with all the toppings in the world at your pleasure, Heliopolis’ Burdogz has taken things to the next level, encasing their signature bites between two classically glazed donut rings. Confusing the taste buds for a moment, yet for an eternity leaving quite the memory. Donut burgers aside, Burdogz has also been drenching a different kind of bird in their tangy buffalo sauce, with no turkeys getting pardoned. 

Let’s be real, there is not much in life that a good ol’ comfort meal can’t fix, and with that as their mantra, Burdogz is armed with an arsenal of culinary cures. Burgers, wings, fried chicken, and onion rings in tow, Burdogz is tapping into our collective cravings (and the nightmares of the nutritionists we’re ghosting.) 

Ever dreamt up turkey buffalo wings? Feel like throwing a ‘Spice Hissy’ with jalapeños and spicy mayo? In the mood to cause an ‘Onion Ruckuss’ with some caramelized goodness? Still stuck in your Barbiecore era and the idea of pink garlic mayo fries has you reaching for your inner Margot Robbie? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then Burdogz is barking for you.