Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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This Weight Loss Camp Delivers Diet Meals to Your Doorstep

After finding much success with camp visitors over the last six years, the Che Fox kitchen is dishing out their stellar diet meals.

Scene Eats

Che Fox, a weight loss camp launched just outside Cairo nearly six years ago, has kicked off their sub-brand Che Fox Kitchen to deliver specifically curated diet meals from their camp kitchen. “Not everyone can take time off to visit the camp and dedicate their time to the Che Fox programme, so we wanted to expand our services to reach people at home,” said co-founder and managing director Nada Taalab.

For those who want to adapt a healthier lifestyle and either shed some pounds or make serious gains, the camp’s kitchen will do the dirty work for them.  “It is the same daily diet our camp visitors eat, except delivered to people’s homes, so that its easier for them to guarantee what they’re eating is in alignment with their health goals,” Talaab added. Their diet plans have three different levels for those who want to either lose fat, manage their weight, or gain a few kilos.

Through their website, customers will be able to figure out what level of caloric intake to opt for after filling out the Che Fox questionnaire, and mark off any allergies or dietary restrictions they may have. Soon enough, the kitchen will also be dishing out vegan menu options for plant-based dieters. The delivery service will be launching today, and delivering to all areas of Cairo.