Saturday September 30th, 2023
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Toasted Adds Stuffed Ta'meya & Lotus Granola to Their Suhoor Menu

Mozzarella-stuffed falafel, anyone?

Layla Raik

Previously a famed lunch spot, Toasted have put up their twinkly Ramadan lights and Ramadan-ified their menu to create a scrumptious suhoor night out. Maintaining their identity to some extent, the restaurant still serves up every shade of omelette paired with customary toast for your enjoyment.

On a more cultured note, Toasted has introduced a range of festive concoctions that amp up the Ramadan spirit. From pickled lemon foul to cheese-stuffed falafel and their famed herb roasted potatoes platter (to be paired with the dips of your choice – tomato labneh, anyone?), the eatery brings a new edge to the anticipatory suhoor.

For sweeter suhooring, you can indulge in Toasted’s yoghourt concoctions, featuring blueberry, granola, Lotus and fruity twists.